Friday, 31 May 2013

Spreading my Wings

Too many years ago than I care to remember a teacher gave me some good advice. She was encouraging me to try something new which felt to me like a huge wall to climb. Needless to say I did it and her advice of trying something once makes the second, third and subsequent times a 'doddle' have held me in good stead in all but one case - flying!

Aeroplanes and I don't mix and with my 13th flight booked (now wishing I hadn't worked that out!) I was determined to apply her principal one more time and break my fear. It's time to "grow up" I told myself as the impending flight grew nearer and the irrational fear in my stomach grew.  This time I HAVE to be brave as I will have to show my three darling children that it's a perfectly safe way to travel and they just have a neurotic mother - which they probably already know!

I'm now feeling rather proud of myself having remained calm throughout the airport procedures and boarding, only succumbing to a tiny amount of panic and a few silent tears on take off and landing. During the flight my nerves were calmed by Tiddles on her first ever flight albeit a seasoned rail traveller who asked "Are we stopping at the first station Mummy?" and made light of the emergency procedures commenting that the slide off the plane "looked great fun" I think she was somewhat disappointed that it wasn't deployed on our arrival at Geneva. Oh and the bacon sandwich helped too.

I'm writing this now outside our caravan in a hot and sunny South of France not having endured our usual 16+ hour car drive with three bickering darling children, so 'spreading my wings' has it's benefits - and I'm trying not to remember that I still have to fly home - but providing my Tiddles doesn't get her wish of whizzing down the slide I'll have overcome my fear - well until next time anyway!

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