Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Busman's Holiday - St. Tropez

Relaxing with the hot sun on my back I was looking forward to the glass of cold, crisp, white wine I had just ordered.  Below me the bustling trendy bars in between the sandstone buildings of St. Tropez are in full swing, the rich and famous mingling and making new connections.  My yacht is large, luxurious and imposing and was receiving envious looks of curiosity from the tourists as they passed below on the quayside - the feeling of power and success was good.  I see my awaited glass coming within my grasp but it's too late the bubble is burst by my Tiddles who is screeching, bringing me back to reality and I return to being the curious tourist and a mother once again.

Screeching dealt with I push my envy and dreams of sitting enjoying peaceful cocktails to the back of my mind and we walk together along the harbour to a small beach cove throwing a few pebbles into the crashing waves on our way.

Don't get me wrong I love them dearly, they are my world - but sometimes my world is just too small, noisy and demanding and I need an escape - just like the yacht owners.

Looking across at my darling children silhouetted by the evening sun as they dare each other to venture nearer to the waves, knowing that it's only a matter of time before one of them misjudges the speed of the tide,  I realise I have three little 'yachts' and I may never be rich, famous or powerful but to them I am their anchor, lighthouse and glass of wine helping them to steer their course.

Justifying my earlier daydream I decide that if I didn't have dreams they wouldn't be here at my feet -happy, healthy and as predicted WET!

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