Monday, 25 March 2013

Letter to Mr Cameron

Dear Mr Cameron and Mr Osborne

In light of current Government policy proposals I feel the need to write to you on behalf of all the other people in a similar position to me as I feel we are being completely ignored by yourself and your government.  So here goes my story:

I am writing this letter during a brief coffee break at work. The time is now 11am and I’ve been working for four hours already today.  If I look around my surroundings I can see a backlog building up for my attention and the mental list in my head is growing by the minute and will continue to grow even in the small hours while I lie in bed trying to get some much needed sleep.

I took on my current position (within a partnership) in 1999 with great expectations but little training and with each day, month and year that has gone by I have learnt more and more, gaining in confidence with every challenge I overcame.  In 2003 my work load was doubled bringing longer hours, more challenges but also new opportunities and fulfilment.  I attended some training in 2006 gaining some more qualifications and this enabled me to take on more responsibility later that year.

As we expanded and moved to bigger premises in 2007 the recession hit meaning we had to make some sacrifices and be more careful in order for me to maintain my job and this has not been an easy time for me and many others in a similar position.  We have weathered the storms working together and meeting each problem as it has come along and believe me at times it has seemed it would be easier to give up and hope we could pick up the pieces and move on.

Whilst doing my job I have helped for many hours within my local community on a voluntary basis as my way of ‘putting something back’ and in following with your ‘working together as a community’ policy mentioned some time ago.

Getting away from it all and having any spare time to myself or my colleague is a rarity – the workload just increases and follows along too. Busman’s holiday!

Job satisfaction is hard to find in this climate – no job is secure, there are many others to fill your shoes, pay rises are low or non-existent, commuting is expensive – I could go on!  However, there is no-one waiting to take on my job it is down to me and my partner or it will fall apart and in turn this will have a knock on effect to others.  With this in mind I have written below a possible job description.

Required Domestic Engineer

Hours - 24/7 52 weeks per annum (long and unsociable)
Pay -  NIL
Pension - State (?!)

Skills Required

Ability to think on your feet and work on your own initiative with a preferable knowledge of health and safety matters and first aid procedures.  Food preparation experience advantageous. Good time management skills and budgeting experience necessary.  The ability to multi task, show empathy but also to be able to lead a team whilst giving support where needed.  Sense of humour and happy personality. Practical skills a must. Flexible approach with a willingness to take on any extra duties as required.  Hard worker.

Has the penny dropped yet?

I would be very surprised if it has because you seem to be ignoring me and others like me – I am invisible to you because I cost you little and yet I am giving you so much in return.  I may not be earning a wage but I am putting back into our society in many ways by doing the most important and demanding job that exists.  For you to accuse me of ‘not working hard and getting on’ is an insult and disgrace to you and your government – contrary to your belief stay at home mothers are not sitting watching TV they are working hard to keep the many values that maintain the basis of life – The Family. Due to your constant battering of people like me with the removal of child benefit, married persons tax allowance, everybody else’s childcare costs you are demoralising the traditional family whilst promoting divorce, childcare and thus creating many more problems for our future generations to deal with.

If you would like to spend a day ‘working hard to get on’ then feel free to arrange a visit with myself and I will gladly give you some training!

Yours faithfully

Lisa Eadie (Mrs)

P.S. Bring at least one change of clothes!

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